TeleEye bandwidthMax Solution

For security reasons, surveillance cameras with higher resolution have become the trend in the market. Cameras with better images usually require a higher bandwidth to maintain a stable and smooth video stream, however, there is a common phenomenon that users tend to mismatch their products with an unsuitable bandwidth due to money concern, misunderstanding about networks and the limitations in remote areas. In consequence, the large streaming volume in the videos maybe unable to fit into the confined bandwidth.


TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution is especially designed for the above situations! With the combination of TeleEye GN Series DVRs and MP21/ MP4 Series IP Cameras, videos will be automatically adjusted to seamlessly fit into any bandwidth size under our newly-developed technology. By means of our intelligent solution, not only can the fluency of the video stream be guaranteed regardless of your bandwidth size, but also substantial savings can be realized as you do not need to go after a better but more costly bandwidth endlessly.

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Why use TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution?

Cost Effective

With TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution, you can choose a network that is within your budget as our solution will intelligently integrate with your network. Thus, you don’t need to seek a faster but more expensive network without end.

Smoother Video Stream

TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution is compatible with different networks. Therefore, no matter how fast or how slow your network is, this solution provides the best-suited integration for your networks and thereby keeping the fluency of the video stream in a steady and satisfying state.

Support 3G/ 4G Networks

TeleEye integrates the bandwidthMAX Solution with an operation on a 3G/ 4G mobile network. As such, a seamless integration of mobile communications and surveillance can still be executed under adverse environment.

Hacker Resistant

The TeleEye Hacker Resistant Technology is incorporated in the TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution, which shields off hackers' attack via the internet through 5 Layers of Protection: AES 265-bit encryption, specific IP access, secure protocol, pair matching architecture and isolated video network.

Dynamic Resolution Technology

Dynamic Resolution Technology is our newly-developed technology. With this technology, the frame rate, bit rate and the resolution of the images regardless of any size will be automatically adjusted to be perfectly fitted into the confined bandwidth.

How Does TeleEye Dynamic Resolution Technology (D.R.T) Work?

In traditional technology, the resolution of the videos is fixed regardless of the number of screens chosen. That is to say, if a total number of 16 cameras with high resolution images are viewed at the same time in the video management platform, the bandwidth may not be high enough to carry such large volume of videos, resulting in low latency in the video stream.

With TeleEye Dynamic Resolution Technology (D.R.T), the resolution of the videos will be automatically adjusted according to the chosen number of screens. In which, the resolution of the videos will be decreased with the increasing number of screens chosen, vice versa. As such, the volume of the videos can be minimized to increase bandwidth efficiency so as to allow a smoother video stream with a confined bandwidth.

The Compatibility of Different Networks Between TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution and Other Commonly-found Products

Among three kinds of networks, broadband is the most economical. A higher speed of 100 Mbps allows a stable video stream for most of the products with normal-sized images. However, when it comes to a slow speed of 10 Mbps, since the network is not sufficient for the streaming volume, the other brands usually obtain a poor state in the fluency of video stream. Meanwhile, TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution can still provide an outstanding performance.

3G/ 4G network and the leased line are very expensive compared to the broadband. As their prices go up dramatically with the increased network speed,lower or fairer speed are usually adopted for economic reasons. The limited speed will eventually affect the smoothness of the video stream. With a low-speed network, some videos may not even be viewable.

With TeleEye bandwidthMAX Solution, it can guarantee a satisfying performance of the video fluency regardless of your network rate under our dedicated technology. Both of your bandwidth and money can be greatly saved and it is definitely the best solution for you!







WQHD Digital Video Recorder Shared Network, Enhanced H.264, Max. Recording Rate 400fps


WQHD Digital Video Recorder, Dedicated Network, Enhanced H.264, 8 PoE Video Ports, Max. Recording Rate 200fps


WQHD Digital Video Recorder, 1 Dedicated Video Port, Enhanced H.264, Max. Recording Rate 25/30fps per channel @ WQHD


MP 21/ MP4 Series IP cameras




1080p, f=3.6mm fixed iris lens, ~15m IR range, H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S


1080p, f=2.8 ~ 12 mm vari-focal lens, ~25m IR range, H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S


WQHD, f=3.6mm fixed iris lens, ~15m IR range, enhanced H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S


WQHD, f=3.3 ~ 12 mm vari-focal lens, ~20m IR range, enhanced H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S


WQHD, f=3.6mm fixed iris lens, ~20m IR range, enhanced H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S


WQHD, f=3.3 ~ 12 mm vari-focal lens, ~30m IR range, enhanced H.264, IP66 weather proof, PoE, ONVIF Profile S

 Network Router & Switch




TP-Link 3G/4G LTE Router


TP-Link 16-port 10/ 100M POE plus 2-port 10/ 100/ 1000M Network Switch