Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly around the world and making use of AI technology can be applied in many aspects of industries. It can make the video surveillance industry more safe, accurate and reliable. Compared with traditional CCTV business, camera with AI functions seem like a human eye to optimize monitoring capabilities. Except for normal video recording, AI camera is able to detect specific objects appearing under the recording area. TeleEye has launched Smart video management solution containing AI elements and focus on human, face and vehicles.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is one of the major element in TeleEye AI video management solution with certain of key features. First, camera can be recognized human faces which has been stored in the database. Officers can use face-search function to find out the target person whether to pass within the video area. There is another huge benefit that face recognition camera owns not only recognition, but also detection. The camera can simultaneously identify the maximum of 10 faces within the monitoring area and operators can decide which designated face will be stored and captured for record. The reaction time of this camera can be swiftly recognized not more than 200ms.

Human Detection

Under AI assistance, TeleEye MP series of cameras are able to detect human when they are in motion or in static conditions. Camera within AI functions possesses self-learning ability which can identify real persons based on their faces and bodies constituted. Apart from detecting function, TeleEye camera can make people counting to calculate the actual no. of people flow in preset time. It can be applied in people in and out, national border control points,  Large parade, etc. Moreover, human who are recorded by the camera can be determined the behaviors status. There are 3 status of human behavior involving can be presented on TV screen containing "walking", "queuing" and "lingering". In object size, outline the detected humans according to its sizes or types will be framed out on TeleEye's interface system clearly.

Vehicle Detection

Transportation is an indispensable part of humanity life. To ensure traffic safety, TeleEye has added in AI smart functions within the camera monitoring vehicles and motorcycles. In addition to the vehicle counting, TeleEye camera also can detect vehicle movements in direction such as passing through the preset line or range. Directions on detected vehicles can be indicated and displayed on the screen in real time. If a car is detected driving in wrong direction, it will be immediately pointed out on the monitor screen and officer is automatically received by alarm message so that it can effectively reduce traffic accidents.