TeleEye pictureMAX Solution

TeleEye pictureMAX solution brings a revolutionary enhancement to the image quality of TeleEye’s products. After the achievements in its WQHD (2560 x1440 px) cameras and DVRs, TeleEye continues to expand its MP series cameras with the introduction of the 4K IR network cameras, the MP800 series, with built-in Auto Focus. Meanwhile, the GN series DVRs is also expanded with the introduction of the 4K DVRs, the GN8 series.

With 8MP Sony CMOS sensor, the MP800 series is able to deliver ultra-high definition video images with finest details at 4K (3840 x 2160px) resolution. Along with the electronic vari-focal lens, users can select the wide angle manually depends on the environments or their needs. Incorporating H.265 video compression technology as well as TeleEye’s dedicated Dynamic I-frame Technology (D.I.T), bandwidth is greatly saved for up to 70% for longer recording duration with our GN8 series 4K DVRs compared to the standard H.264. TeleEye pictureMAX Solution is absolutely an ideal alternative for every critical surveillance need!


Benefits of pictureMAX

Auto Focus

The MP800 series 4K camera in the Solution equip with built-in Auto Focus on the video objects. As such, video images can be guaranteed with crystal-clear and ultra-high resolution that everything in the images can possibly be shown in details. The images with excellent definition are crucial for every monitoring application as they provide important clues for post investigation if accidents happened.


The GN8 series 4K DVRs in the Solution allow a maximum of 8 pieces of 10TB hard disks in RAID 5. Generally, more hard disks increase the risk of failure. With the benefit of RAID 5, users can add more hard disks and meanwhile reducing the risk of losing data as the data can be automatically recovered within the RAID 5. Therefore, the video data is well-protected even if the hard disk is damaged.

H.265 & D.I.T

The GN8 series DVRs integrates with H.265 video compression technology as well as the compatibility with TeleEye’s dedicated Dynamic I-frame Technology (D.I.T). Thus, video data can be compressed by up to 70% smaller compared to the standard H.264 and meanwhile without altering the video quality. As a result, the recording duration can be greatly increased while the video quality remains in excellent condition.

Video Analytic

The MP800 series 4K cameras in the Solution provide built-in video analytic functions, which include: line crossing, intrusion and object removal etc. So, once there are any unusual behaviors detected, users can track back the event notice in the record history.