Fisheye Series

MP5061E - HD

TeleEye Fisheye camera with 6MP Sony CMOS sensor brings a revolutionary enhancement – 180° horizontal viewing angle/ 360° round view to provide the greater surveillance and situational awareness – the continuous monitoring, overseeing security concerns, and managing customer traffic.  Fisheye camera also integrates with different professional video management application – TeleEye GN8 series DVR, sureSIGHT, sureGUARD, and iView HD. Users can monitor their sites in real-time through different platforms, and video will be automatically adjusted to seamlessly fit into any video management platform. Plus, Users can follow objects and actions in 4 regional views through Pan, Tile, & Zoom (PTZ) functionality resulting in a greater freedom of monitoring view.

  • 6MP CMOS sensor

  • 180° horizontal viewing angle/360° round view

  • One built-in microphone