Are you carrying a unique CCTV product in your local market? 

Nowadays, video surveillance products offered on the market are so similar that many distributors and resellers are forced to compromise on their profit in order to stay ahead in this competitive market. At TeleEye, we not only provide you with a wide-ranging product line but also peerless features to win the projects that matter to your business.

What makes TeleEye unique in the global market?

Armed with a proven record in product development, our professional R&D team continues to surprise clients with breakthrough in video surveillance technologies, and therefore giving you a competitive edge to establish a foothold in the global market with:

  • The first-ever multi-stream video compression technology
  • Hacker resistant technology for IP cameras
  • Professional video management software
  • CAMLOCK technology & secure network architecture
  • Mobile video surveillance product

Is the IP camera you carry secure from hacker attack?

Many news agencies including Reuters and the BBC have reported that IP cameras from major manufacturers are not secure and can be easily hacked remotely. TeleEye IP video surveillance solutions are designed with security in mind and have several layers of protection against illegal intrusion from the internet.

Does the brand you carry have a comprehensive range to satisfy all market demands?

TeleEye develops and offers total video surveillance solutions, from analog to IP technologies, standalone recorders and video servers, full range of HD products, and various video management applications. With TeleEye’s all embracing product range, you can now offer tailored end-to-end security solutions that meet the requirements of different industries such as banking, education, retail, and government.


Other Benefits


  • Pioneer in advanced CCTV technology
  • World renowned pioneer
  • International brand with numerous industry and business awards
  • Global sales network covering 9 TeleEye offices and distributing in over 50 countries

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Rewarding sales scheme with attractive margin
  • Local marketing activity sponsorship
  • Lead forwarding
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Case studies on applications worldwide
  • Discounted not-for-resale demonstration equipment
  • Priority access to marketing collaterals and sales tools

Training & Support

  • Technical and sales training - TeleEye Academy
  • System design and engineering support
  • A&E Specifications
  • Timely product & technical news sharing
  • Prompt response to diverse technical issues