sureGUARD – Event Driven Solution

sureGUARD Event Driven Solution

sureGUARD Event Driven Solution is a key component of TeleEye Video Management Centre Solution. It is a professional video alarm management solution for Remote Video Response Centre (RVRCs) or central monitoring stations. It fully complies with British Standard BS8418 for remote monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems. sureGUARD allows multiple operators to handle a large volume of video alarm events from up to 5000 sites in 24x7 operations. Many built-in features facilitate speedy visual verification and greatly improve the efficiency of operators.


  • Designed for visual alarm verification applications

  • Swift and precise responses

  • Built-in redundancy and purposely designed for 24x7 operations

  • Excellent traceability in event and operational logs

  • BS8418 compliant

Value-added Modules (For sureSIGHT & sureGUARD)




Interactive multi-layer hierarchy, Manage sites, position cameras and verify alarms, Indicate current event status

siteMATRIX (only for sureSIGHT Pro & sureGUARD)

Perform digital video matrix function, Designed for video wall applications, Scale up to 80 cameras


Allow operators to ensure every single site can be connected properly