MS1300TW - Visible Temperature Camera

TeleEye MS1300TW Series Camera with dual sensors which can apply at temperature detection on environments and body temperature detection. In the situation of rapid spread of the coronavirus, it is one of the feasible way to prevent virus spread, visible temperature camera has 2 display mode, Visible mode and Thermal mode. Both can identify potentially infected travelers and persons at border control points and building entrances to contain epidemics. This camera with high precision dual sensors can measure the body temperature of persons who pass through the checkpoint with the visible temperature camera. The hottest point of temperature index is pointed out and showed on the officer's screen. If a potential person is close to fever temperature and exceeds the specific temperature is detected, officer is automatically informed by alarm message so that officers can send the affected person for a health check or self isolation. 


  • Body Temperature / Over Heat Detection

  • Dual Sensors (Visible and Thermal Sensor)

  • Max 1 Meter / Tol.±0.5°C

  • Detect Range 30°C - 45°C

  • With Temperature Indicator

  • High Temperature Alarm I/O

  • White LEDs Support Manual or Alarm On / Off

  • Support PoE

  • IP66 Water Proof

Demonstration Short Video