eventMAX Solution Setup Guide For GN/RX



l  Internet connection.

l  GN/RX with the latest firmware version.

l  Mobile devices with Android or IOS.

n  Android 4.0.0 or above.

n  IOS 8.0 or above.

l  TeleEye iView installed devices subscribed to the eventMAX services.

l  Added the GN/RX to the site list of the TeleEye iView with correct username and password.


Main steps:

A. Setup the GN/RX to support mobile notification.

B. Setup the iView to support mobile notification.


A. Setup the GN/RX to support mobile notification:

1. Login the GN/RX setting page using browser.

*For detail on how to go to setting page, please read the user manual of the DVR.

2. Make sure you have updated the DVR to the latest firmware version.

3. User can test Mobile Notification in test page. Click on [Test page]  [Mobile Notification], Click [Start].]

4. Mobile Notification can be associated with event matrix. For example, enable Mobile Notification with event images when Motion 2 is triggered.

5. Once there is event triggered on Motion 2, all the iView subscribed to the eventMAX service and have this on site list will receive the notification.


B. Setup the iView to support mobile notification:

1. Subscribe to eventMAX services on iView.

2. To setup site to receive mobile notification, click the add site icon to add your site. Fill in information and make sure you can connect your JN.




3. Fill in the site connection information and make sure the Enable eventMAX and Receive Mobile Notification are checked.