Face Recognition Camera

TeleEye MS1000 series is a face recognition camera which is designed for face detection and face recognition, adding the latest Artificial Intelligence Recognition Technology inside the camera. Through the wide vari-focal lens, it can detect multiple faces under the recording range and then conducting face recognition analysis. Even if the face is not horizontally captured by the lens, the camera can still align those faces from different position accurately and make further analyze.


Meanwhile, TeleEye MS1000 series camera can synchronously detect up to 10 faces under monitoring area. Faces captured by the camera will be instantly made face matching with database to recognize those faces identities. In performance aspect, the new generation of processor is fast and reliable to process lots of data in a very short moment. The response time for recognizing faces shorten to 200ms. Also, the database can be recorded or stored up to 3000 profile data with faces. Users can add or delete data stored in the database to replace face data. Updating face records and personal data regularly can ensure database in pairing is correct that can increase the security levels. This face recognition camera can be applied in nursing houses, schools, offices, banks and different industries of enterprises.

  • f=3.6 ~ 10mm electric vari-focal lens

  • Facial detection and Face recognition technology

  • Maximum sync detection: 10 faces targets

  • Posture: within 25° in vertical, within 60° in horizontal

  • Response speed: 200ms

  • IP66 & IK10 ingress protection


Face Recognition Dome Camera